Thursday, 29 November 2007

Uncommon story of common men!!

What’s a common thread between Bengal, China and ex- super power USSR?? I like to put Communalism as the common thread... The present situation in Nandigram , located in the communist state of Bengal, the communist outlook of china and yet its economic progress and the aftermath of USSR breaking away into smaller countries in 1990’s under President ship of Mikhail Garbochev to shed off its communist skin as well as the image of Super power after a long struggle , led me to delve further into what is communism..

This is what I found in one of the websites “Modern day Communism is based on the writings of two German economists, Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, who answered the question “What is Communism?” in their collaboration, “The Communist Manifesto” published in 1848. In it they declare that many problems in society are due to the unequal distribution of wealth. To bring about happiness and prosperity for all, the distinctions between the rich and poor of society must be eliminated. And since the rich will never give up their goods or status voluntarily, a rebellion of the poor -- the working class -- is necessary.

Thus, Communism is a distinct socio-political philosophy that is willing to use violent means to attain its goal of a classless society. If capitalism is defined as a social system based on individual rights (and individual wealth), then communism is its direct opposite. Communism believes in equality through force.”

More than helping the society curb the rich-poor divide and its inequality, it flares the pangs of injustice through atrocious means. See what’s happened to the failed efforts in Nandigram, and the USSR, an ex-superpower?? The economic growth story of China under the siege of being a communist state yet needs to be understood. But this can only be explained by the Chinese people who experience communalism day in and out, which would never otherwise come to light.
Force of any form leads to no good..and communism is a one of its forms.. Democracy should be the way of life.. !! Lest China and Bengal /Kerala can take cue from the USSR episode…!!

(This is a meager quench my inquisitiveness. All explicit views and study on the same can be attained through Google devta..!! :) )


CM-Chap said...

I fully endorse your view.

But this can only be explained by the Chinese people who experience communalism day in and out - I have met & worked with some of them who have gone through this back in China. Based on what I got to know from them... The govt projects only the good part which they wanna show. There is equally worst things like hunger, abuse of human rights etc which never comes out.

chinmai said...

yep quite read a few edit posts in TOI on the same which go on to explain that living conditions of common men are really pathetic..thats the only source i ve come to know..havent come across any chinese ppl, though they may have to quote something else.. who knows