Wednesday, 7 March 2007

sitting by the sea..

It’s an enthralling experience to watch the tide fill up the land and recede in its own period of cycle.

It’s this nostalgic experience which brings to me a weird analogy,
That of the cradling sea with its high tide-low tide effect to the crests and troughs in the life time of mankind…

Its when the tide is filling up the previously left wet land or when the tide is leaving the land wet, that we feel that there’s some activity going around, that the world is actually moving.. and we see some notable changes in the brim filled ocean.. for the rest of the duration, it just seems to be a reservoir of water with a tinge of boredom to it ..

So is to mankind.. its when he/she is in the path to progress or the path to digress can his/her true core be known… and hence by, the worth of the people surrounding him/her during those times…
Weird isn’t it !!


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