Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Life is.......

While we were having a blast at the ceremonies preceding the wedding of one of my cousin..
There was I, cherishing, viewing the events pass by so swiftly..
In one such function, while dancing to the tunes being played, there we hear, one of my mom’s cousins , passed away. She was suffering from cancer..

Her fate was decided the day it was discovered that she was suffering from cancer and was in the stage 3..
God has his own cards to play..

On one end there we were party to celebrations while on the other, few others grieving the loss,

At the back of my mind, there was a sound of grief..
Not that I was very close to the aunt but that .. God really plays his own way ..
To some it was a moment of joy , to others it was a moment of grief..
Why was it that, god always tried to balance the quota of joy and grief..!!...
But that is how Life is .. I suppose ..


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