Monday, 17 September 2007

મિચ્છામિ દુક્કડમ

સંવત્સરી પ્રતિકમણ કર્યા બાદ સર્વે જીવોને ખમાવવાની સાથે આપ સૌને પણ ખમાવુ છુ. મારા જીવ્ થકિ જાણતા કે અજાણતા આપને દુભવિયા હોઇ, મન્ વાચન્ કાયા થકિ કોઇ પાપ્ દોષ્ લાગ્યો હોઇ તેનિ ક્ષમા માગું છું. મિચ્છામિ દુક્કડમ..

For those who dont understand gujarati , its about requesting to accept my sorry for all those misdoings of mine which i did knowingly or unknowingly throughtout the past year in the form of foul speech, wishing bad in thoughts or bad action through the way of using bodily force to hurt you or all those souls from one sense organism to 5 sense organisms. Kindly accept my sorry. Micchami Duddkadam..


Bhavesh said...

મિચ્છામિ દુક્કડમ Chinmai..

I like following lines very much.. summarizes essence of jainism perfectly..

"Every living being has a strong desire to live and we must respect this in all our thoughts and actions"

chinmai said...

yes , very true.. thanks for adding that virtue out here.. :) have a good day!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Well i for one have always liked your blog..
and I hope the ppl who have conflicts with you, forgive you :)

chinmai said...

hehe, thanks raaji for thoses wishes .. just to add a little, Paryushan is a 8 day long Jain Religious event which falls during monsoon every year , where all Jain do all sorts of Tapas possible by them like say keeping fast throughout the day ( where they dont eat a single grain of food, live on boiled water only ) or say eat one time etc and pray various prayers, attend lectures etc. And on the last day i.e the 8th day after the pratikraman ( During pratikraman we repent for our
non-meritorious activities on a daily basis. We realize our mistakes
and ask for forgiveness which helps us to minimize the intensity of the
karma's bondage.)we wish each other Micchami Dudkkadam and hence this blog mentining / asking for forgiveness .. check this link

Neel said...

Micchami Duddkadam

hope ill be forgiven by u for all the things i have done to make u sad or hurt u...

and continue being so sweet to me...

chinmai said...

thanks neel, i dont remember one , where u hurt me .. u ve been sweet to me as well :) thanks for being there all the time .. thanks buddy and best wishes..

Kanan said...

મારા તરફથી પણ મિચ્છામી દુક્કડમ્ સ્વિકાર કરવા વિનંતિ.