Saturday, 15 September 2007

Of mirrors and mirages….

That kaleidoscope showed arrays of broken colourful bangle pieces resting at the bottom support mirror.. with a straight gaze they were broken pieces but obliquely, with tilt in the gaze along with the side mirrors magic, it formed incredible images and astounding designs. Change in gaze employed the change in pattern or design so formed.
Such is life.. all of us have traits of colorful bangle pieces as traits of our nature. One view envisions only broken pieces , only different views of someone or self combined with the previous ones make it appear exhaustive.

I don’t understand the part mirages play…but delusion keeps man running without an idea of when they will reach the destination..
To a thirsty deer a glazed road or desert path appears as water source at the far end of the road and so it relentlessly runs to find that source it sees..
Was it the umpteen thirst that led deer to fall prey to the mirage or was it the ignorance or no knowledge or lack of understanding of mirages that kept it running ..


drhemani said...

Well said. But don't you think that we all live in delusions and the world of mirage?

Each and everyone of us wants something which is not reachable? We set our goals and then they keep going away from us when we try and catch them because by the time we reach to the goal we decided, our priorities have changed and we want something more than we achieved.

Bill gates wants more money in spite of he being the richest man in the world.

Gandhiji wanted more peace in spite of everything happened.

Osama bin Laden wants more violence in spite of the violence going in the world.

Don't you think it to be the part of our lives?

chinmai said...

agreed thats one for sure .. but wat makes one fall prey to illusions and delusions is it the overrating ones capabilities and then underworking / underdelivering or is lack of knowledge of the required ki is it stars playing somewhere ?