Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year !!

As this new year comes with a bang,
lets remember what desires in the heart rang,
new resolutions to form and keep,
venting at times the stresses with a coffee's sip.

Lets rejoice the differences and cherish the similarities,
Lets bring the unknown to the list of familiarities.

Lets find time to keep up with our hobbies and interests,
and learn something new and create new interests.

Fast will this year end to give way to the new,
lets not forget to pass smiles by helping others in whatever way we can whether its due or undue.

Lets brighten ours and others day as well ,
with an optimistic bell,
adding happiness day on day , till the year end,
and later cherish the memories we left in the year 2008 ..!!
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year..


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

this is such pretty poem :)
Happy new Year. I hope this year fulfills all your wishes :)

chinmai said...

thanks :)