Monday, 28 January 2008

Headless Chickens..!!

News headlines says..
"Bird flu has spread to 13 of West Bengal's 19 districts, with samples of dead chickens testing positive in two new districts …
Experts fear the H5N1 virus strain found could mutate into a form easily transmitted from person to person, leading to a pandemic, but there have been no reported human infections in India yet."
.. blah blah…

Now this news is no news at all, its been circulating around since a couple of years now- Hongkong, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc .. Countless innocent chickens have been killed by now, suspecting them to be carriers of H5N1 virus because had they been consumed by humans, they had the potential to spread the virus in humans.. Hence it is found better to kill the source..

So they were born to be killed either way!!..

On other note an item of controversial news which appeared two weeks back was: “The Supreme Court on Friday refused permission to hold ‘Jallikattu’ or bull fight, a centuries old event that attracts thousands of people during Pongal harvest festival in Tamil Nadu, saying it was “barbaric” and amounted to cruelty against animals.”

If bulls fight is termed as “barbaric” and “amounted to cruelty against the animals” , the culling of birds/animals etc isn’t ??? Quite controversial..!!

If one can take a hint, consuming non-veg. never seems hygienic apart from causing pain to the creature.. How could one consume an animal or fish or a bird without thinking what they are consuming as food was alive some time back, walking, swimming, flying , living with its family…
Anyhow would like to present a link mentioning some of the benefits of being a veggie.

Why not Live and Let Live..!!


Only Vimal said...


Nicely written.

There is always controversy regarding these things.

We feel bad when some bigger creature (including humans) get some problems but have we ever thought while killing bacteria or any micro organisms? Or ants or rats etc when they invade our home?

Its the race to save ourselves... One can avoid killing living beings as much possible. Especially if they are being killed for our recreation.

Keep raising such issues.

chinmai said...

thank u vimal bhai..

VipulsBlog said...

Ya u r right but as u say live and let live.wht happen if we dont kill a virus affected bird it ll be spread more n more and in some way it will be harmful to us n also nature.
so we have to take a action on this.i m agree with u tht killing a bird is not the solution of this matter but until we have any other way we have to do this.
And wht do u think about tht fight?
is it legal?

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i dont think it is ever possible for me to turn into a vegetarian. I am such a chicken-hog :)

chinmai said...

vipul : "so we have to take a action on this" who are v to decide to kill a bird.. let nature take its own stride .. if it has to die of disease it will.. and so will the rest of the affected birds..its gonna affect humans if they eat affected birds and hence spread virus amongst humans.. now if we dont eat,theres no need to be bothered of getting affected ..
and for the bull fight .. i wuldnt support that either..

raaji : "i dont think it is ever possible " try to karo .. to leave eating ..
think of the bird/animal before consuming it..can u eat the same if its killed in front of u ..with all the blood splills and cooked then..