Sunday, 23 December 2007

Mumbai blues, the other side of mumbai ,

From an ease paced life to the fast tracked one is a sea of change. This side of mumbai is not what I have been too well aversed with, though mumbai was no new for me - flocks of people travelling from one destination to the next, running through the race of life , purpose or no purpose the travel continues to make the ends meet...

This time around the preferred mode of commuting is the public transport unlike what I have been used to.. When one looks around - railway station, bus stop, roads at peak hours or no peak hours ( every hour is a waking hour , and every hour is a peak hour ) one comes face to face with the reality of life. One push and you are in the herd of people travelling by trains/bus, one push and you are out .. it looks like a mass movement..

No matter you are fresh when you start your day into the sweltering mass , you end up bathing with sweat and dirt , till you reach and breathe the air conditioned office air..

Phew!! No time to halt, no time for oneself..and yet this land of opportunity has thousands in number reaching to get engulfed in the existing mass for brighter futures unless they forget their dreams in the wilderness of this fast life..!! Life is...!!!


Only Vimal said...

This is what the life is. The REAL life.

People have dreams and to pursue them they keep hunting and running between destinations.

The life we lead is relatively easier and fortunately we do not need to fight for our bread but if we really have to... we would definitely be among them.!!

I am happy that you have seen the other side of the life. This life is full of struggle, fighting between reality and dreams, race to save the life.

Be there for some time and get the proper feel of it and soon you will realise what you really have and you will start value it.

Best wishes Sis. God Bless you.

Merry Christmas... :)

Let me end with a joke... Last year for Christmas, I sent an SMS to all my friends saying "Marry Christmas". And one of my friend replied that he would rather marry Bipasa Basu. he he he

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

well said :)

chinmai said...

yep vimal bhai.. very true ..
wish u a new years
thanks : raaji, vimal bhai