Saturday, 25 November 2006

The Digital Divide…

It’s the age of technology ..
Digital divide seems the new ideology ..
The world is going so mechanized, so digitized ..
That it almost went undersized..

Cost sensitivity and effective productivity brought the outsourcing boom,
Somewhere someone got the earning..
Elsewhere other got the burning..
Making jobs move hands..
Tables are turning ..
Life has come a full circle ..
Moving from the so called ‘land of opportunity’ to ‘the land of rising sun’ .. to ‘the land of dragon’ ..
It’s the reinvention of the Old land of opportunity..

Once chimed as being the ‘land of golden bird’..
Golden nest and golden bird..
It’s the land of golden ‘herd’..
With the golden traditions galore..
Come, self experience and explore..

Beware West..
With the opportunities rolling ..
It’s the India calling ….


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