Friday, 17 November 2006


It was the war of gods that carried on in the heaven,
And the sound of fight, clash of axes, spears and arrows was bustling around,
From morning six to evening seven, did the fight go on..
with no room for air and ground.
The heat of heaven, carried down as rain,
Or was it the bloodshed of those whose efforts went in vain?
It was the season of death I believe,
With god on the loosing side, more men did he need,
Calling men from the earth,
Did Yamma complete his deed,
But did he not look back at the pitiable site he left behind,
Or did he just go blind??
It was the loss of their dear one,
Crying and mourning were the near ones.

But then I thought …
Everything has its time,
A thing today in lime,
Tomorrow might loose its shine,
So to expect nothing was the best,
And accepting then, what came in the rest…
[ why do we grieve when somebody walks out of sight? They are as alive as we are, but because we cant see them, we are supposed to grieve? It doesn’t make a lot of sense … if we are eternal creatures …..]

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