Friday, 17 November 2006

Little Encounters ….

In the clutter of thoughts ..
There was always a little voice ..
Which wanted to put its mark….
But as usual it went unheard ….
While not realizing it , I think I was a nerd….
It was Life’s little encounters with the little self ….

There were times when things were to be sorted,
There was this frail voice ,
Always wanting to guide …
But I took it to a ride …

When asked it would give a solution as well..
But when did I have the time to hear it ?…
And one day I realize had I taken to this rider,
Today would have been much better……
Cos when I was unable to see the bigger picture ..
It saw and it glimpsed.

So if u happen to have encounters with the little self… don’t give it a stare…
Give it a chance to guide u through the roughs .. let it do its share…


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