Friday, 17 November 2006

Road side Hanuman

Every Saturday while taking this usual route for my office ..
I see people flanking the sides of road to pray to this road side Hanuman….

I see the staunch believers bowing their heads in this sweltering heat ..
So that one day the wishes they wish come true or the problems they endure are wiped off..
Vehicles and people blocking half the road …
But still no looking back when its time to pray !!!!

While others looking to the god from the vehicle they ride .. and bow from their traveling mode .. making their presence felt as well…
Time or two did I bow as well… seems I caught up with the mass action .. and coming to think of it becomes a reflex then …

Just wondering about how its importance is building day after day..
Cos once there used to be just mass of two .. and as Saturdays roll .. two becomes four, four becomes eight and so on..
And further .. as the praying mass increases so does the queue of beggars ..
See the intelligent Indian beggars .. know where to bank … !!

Seems the Pandit is doing his job as well ..
As he also tries to built on his followers ..
Yet day after day .. the queue increases .. so does its importance ..
And the sweltering mass attracts another mass ..
All forgetting along with the civic authorities that this was the Road side Hanuman !!!!!

One rather acts according to their belief ..
On a wiser note its better not to challenge someone’s beliefs…
With belief and religion being a sensitive issue .. thought this was enough to quote ..


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