Saturday, 18 November 2006

The garden story..

Faintly, out of the dream, with half eyes open.. I hear the sound of this melodious cuckoo bird chirp and sing..
Well, I didn’t even know its name… but just to address, called it so.. !!

As it sat on the branch of a tree in the garden..
To tell its story..
It had no hurry .. no flurry..
Hardly did it know its effort was to no avail ..
there wasn’t any lending ear hear its tale ..

Did I care either??
Who cared for the singing bird on a solemn branch or the running butterfly around a flower or the rising sun making its way through the starry nights or the swaying trees to the tunes of the wind ..!!

So was for me .. Out of the bed, into my world .. mind preoccupied into the worldly matter that I hardly heard it sing ..

With it.. the story it said lost.. along with the chance to understand the natures way to help us relax, rejuvenate and make us realize that there’s a world beyond ours, also lost…!!!
Alas! Nature has so much more to give and teach .. only there needs to be a realization to learn from it…

In life, small things matter ..
Enjoy it .. before its lost the big worldly matter ..

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