Friday, 19 July 2013

Random th8s

I feel ... if you don't respect thoughts and write them down immediately.. they run away ..float in the sky.. for some one else to notice and grabs it... ! 


Anonymous said...

that happens usually, honey...!!

But let me ask you one thing, are you real originator of these thoughts? or have you picked them while they are floating in the sky just like others..!! :)

But i do agree that you should write them down immediately, so at least others can read it :)..!!

chinmai said...

@anon - true enough..its all out there in the universe ... but for me the realization starts when something draws my attention and that I've thought of something which i think is unique, later to realize that similar thought was conceptualized by some one before me all due to my inaction...
and btw this post was on seeing that I've had many draft blogs lying there in the blogpost.. which are half way but the initial thought has vanished.. and ya this post was in general and not pertaining to the idea that I would want to publish all the th8s that I ve..

Anonymous said...

sometime our own thoughts bounce back and we catch them considering they are unique :)

Ha ha ha.. :)

So, when will i see your next post..?? :)

Hope you are doing well..!!

chinmai said...

@anon:thanks for bringing to my notice.