Saturday, 1 June 2013

Random th8s..of feeling and connectedness

Does one always need to be in touch and acclamatise to make friends or create fondness of the other person?

Have you ever experienced or wondered over, if you feel like connected , or having found new fondness to someone over phone on the other end by just hearing his/her voice and not having ever met , and wonder how would the other person be on the other side. .. or say by just reading his/her blogs, write up, stories ( but not having seen the other person) and feel connected?

What reason for some relations on earth with no effort from either side gives a feeling of connectedness ( it can be one way and may not be both ways).. while some inspite of having spent years result into nothing  ??

Just pondering over it!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha :). That's not fondness honey..!! they are connected because may be they like your thought process matching with their thoughts. Or may be sometime they can't do significantly with their life(as they have already progress a lot in one direction) hence they want to give you a support in whatever you do for environment/global warming or respect your work/efforts.

Or there could be a possibility that they want to improve/correct your thought process, so they criticize your comments? -- just kidding..!! :)

Like minded people attract each other through a thought process..

so..stay connected, and happy connection..!!


chinmai said...

@anon: thanks .. i am neither talking of some one to support my voice on environment etc ... nor am i talking of someone improving my th8 process thru commenting :P

what i simply meant is .. abt experiencing a feeling of connectedness without seeing a person .. (by just either hearing his/her voice , or thru reading someones writeups ... ) ? no logic involved here i guess!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have seen Karan Johar's movies, where a person is in another country, his/her family is miles apart from him/her still feel like connected or presence of him/her through its voice and whole movie is created.

Nice.. it is good for health sometimes...!! :P :)

For "me" connectedness is when i like someone's thought process or if its matches with my own thought process. In this process sometimes you may correct your own thought process by improving it. You may be like values and perception of life of others than also you feel connected. Many times in conversation we speak and say, "you exactly think like me" or "i really want to do just like you".

When you start walking on someone's values/path (like Gandhiji's) than you might feel connected with them. - ofcourse you have not heard him but you might read about his values in books.

So logic is involved here. There is link(but i have lost it) on this where psychology has proved this.

But i think your connectedness is like Karan Johar's moviewala thing. So keep continuing..!!

It seems you have connected "yourself" somewhere else..!! :D :P

chinmai said...

@anon..agree wid u on connecting at th8s level and the level playing fields and stuff.. but do try and experience of wat i wrote :P

btw comparing my th8s with that of karan johar was an insult :P .. j.j

Anonymous said...

ohh honey..!!

I have a doubt here,whose insult was that actually..!!, Karan Johar's or yours ? Just kidding..:)

To be frank with you, i have no intention of insulting you or your thoughts. If you felt it as very harsh comment,i will take my words back.

Happy blogging and keep writing,honey...!!

chinmai said...

@anon.. np at all ones insulted :P it was just in lighter vein.. i like critical people, they show you whats not right according to them :P

Anonymous said...

what happened, you have stopped pondering any more..??

Kanan said...

Yes, I have. Very often. I think it has more to do with what's in our hearts and minds than what they say/write. Sometimes the interaction with them fills in the emotional void that we might experience as a human being thus the attraction or fondness. As I've started to believe recently, everything is a phase.