Thursday, 21 March 2013

Random th8s..only if I could peep into his/her mind

There are times in life when  the voice in your head wants to know why one acted or acts with you in a certain manner (good or bad) and virtually the voice in the head does also asks as if the person is present and is seeking for a response!!
Certain responses are better kept suspense and let voice in the head keep doing permutation and combination along with new experiences!

What say? 

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Kanan said...

It's hard to think from the other person's perspective. Their experiences have made them who they are. Sometimes they just don't know or can't think why they are acting certain way because they don't know any better. Is it a good idea to ask them? Yes, may be when they are in good mood and with a warning. ;) Also, depends on who it is. Like I'd not want to ask a bad driver why he drove so badly but if it's a colleague or a friend or family member, sure I'd want to know that it wasn't because of me.