Monday, 1 April 2013

Random th8s

Certain thoughts are such that they are blobs in the brain and don't allow you to move a step forward. The moment that realisation happens and the need to break that chain happens one can move forward. !!! Letting go of the past patterns.. Move Forward!!


Anonymous said...

Life is different honey..!! if you keep leaving things just like that, one day you will ask yourself, what do you actually want in your life..??

Have faith in life and keep moving forward with your learning..!!

You will definitely reach to your destiny some or other way..!!

chinmai said...

Thanks anon..
I like anon. with names ;)

Anonymous said...

honey, Anonymous itself is a name, rather a generic one. Identity actually occupies lot of space in our memory. We human beings creates attachment, relations, emotions and lot of unbiased-biased behavior around this identity. So just keeping it simple... !!