Monday, 25 June 2007

Life is..

On a hot, scorching Saturday afternoon , while going to the civil hospital for an errand as a help to a friend, I find in the middle of civil hospital road connecting the new and the old building, lies a man unconscious, deadly still with body full of bruises. No pain was shown by the way of umphs and aaahhaa. It was like a dead body lying unattended. Umpteen people flocking from one building to another, take a glimpse of this sight, murmur a few words in retrospection, but none come to the rescue of this man. Silent in some other world of his own, his life is hanged on the verge like a man standing at the edge of a steep mountain cliff on a single foot. Police cross this venue on their motor bike without the need to take a pause and study this case. On asking people around this site, he was described as a helpless beggar. Felt giddy myself at this sight and like the other people of the mass I continue to do my job…I felt bad , I felt horrible as I couldn’t do much to aide this man. And out of nowhere I became a part of the mass…

In the Monday press, news appears of this as a man brutally hurt by some person and left in the roads of this hospital unattended, till a gentle and compassionate social worker goes and admits this man to be taken care of in the hands of doctors. Would his life be a boon or bane if he survives and would he trust people after all this??



(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Well I am glad you brought this up. At least some one has the courage to write about what has become a common sight in our daily lives. There must be a thousand other people with more horrific stories lying on the streets.
I can just pray for them :(

chinmai said...

yeah thats right .. but all this affects only some and not each and every one thats the difference ..