Thursday, 16 August 2007

The Unsung Heroes, the Flawed Patriotism and the Change Agents…

15th August came and went , celebrations of the 60th year of independence observed harmoniously, chimes of Jan Gan Mana , Vande Mataram etc , being played almost everywhere , with people hoisting the small plastic flags sold at the traffic junction.. and wow we did show our streaks of patriotism..

Why have we found satisfaction in the superficial living, where we just make do with the showbiz only? I guess somewhere deep inside that superficiality might be pinching us also and may be probably for many it’s gone for a blind eye where one doesn’t even realize that difference..

If for an instance, someone asks you, how should your living be – most of us will come up with an answer, a happy and a peaceful living (inclusive of all the materialistic pleasures, if that’s what makes a life happy and peaceful). Yet we forget the glory of all the unsung heroes- the armed forces, which takes care of our nation from the evil enemy eyes- to save us and our nation or our freedom fighters also – whose only purpose of living was to make this country free from the long tyranny rule.

Why can’t we appreciate every single individual’s efforts, whose shoes we cannot put our feet in…

The people in the armed forces would be living a tough life, looking to the norms, rules and regulations that they have to stick to, in order to follow the discipline, law and order of the forces. In that case they are not at a liberty to do what pleases them unlike us democratic civilians. Then why do we have to be remembered of their deeds or sufferings. And if they could give the most precious thing they own – Their Own Life for us, why can’t we do or act even a bit to bring to order even a single thing that draws our concern, like the messy and dirty roads and surroundings, impure drinking water, uneducated mass etc etc..

We need to be the change agents and bring about change in whatever field that draws our concern and not just lay our hopes and blames on someone else and be content by just hoisting the flawed and superficial patriotism on just two important days in the history of Indian independence..

The Lead India campaign by the TOI is indeed a step forward in that direction ( wouldn’t matter even if its one step at a time as far as the road leads to positive progress ) and I wish that they prune out many dynamic leaders who can lead others while putting their heart and soul to change the face of the nation..