Monday, 27 August 2007

My kite and my balloon..

The winds made it sway swiftly from one direction to the next. It had reached new heights where only eagles and seagulls soared.. the joy was aplenty, to reach new heights, by breaking its own records and trying to set another new ones.. Down, the town looked like a miniature portrait, with all the humans as ants crawling on the floor…Its only competitor -the kite, was also way below.. so whistling and swaying from side to side, it doles its way through the clouds… the helium inside had worked wonders. Balloon paid all its due respect to helium inside – it was with helium that the journey it took, reached new heights while making it so light that it could afloat like those rain bearing clouds, high above.. lighter hearts always remain afloat…

While kite below, in its own mood, took its own strides, aware of gap between balloon and it. It was aware that it was its own effort that made it reach where it is today, unlike balloon. Living this state with all the poise and sharpness , it was aware of balloons limitations as well, that if balloon tried to travel farther then its own capacity to bear the air pressure , it might give way to air pressure but that air pressure which might affect balloon may not affect it as it was free from any conflict between internal and external forces peering on its surface.. Being said and done it maintained its poise and cherished the scenery it bypassed.. Keeping in mind that it was the journey that mattered along with the heart to cherish and reach new heights made to self for the self..


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wow.. wonderful :)
Nice post!

chinmai said...

raaji : thanks for appreciating my write ups almost all the time .. u inspiring in a way to me also and i guess i ve no word apart from thanks to respond back to u.. :)