Monday, 6 August 2007

One gaze and the notings ..

Random musings but concrete observations..

Walking past a construction site of over bridge being built in Ahmedabad , I note two larri walas , one selling chai and some bitings while another selling guthka , bidi etc, at one corner of the over bridge being built.
Nowhere would this site be seen, leaving apart aapnu Gujarat – the enterprising entity..

Shopping and sale season, with sale tags being displayed at almost all the shops, what I wonder is why does one need to keep so high a price or such a high margin of profit for a piece of cloth or for any other bid on sale that the owners or the brands can actually go on and claim for a 70 % sale or 50 % sale etc. And yet people throng in to shop the discounted goods in all the bheed – bhad, to get the best buy. But we still love the sale season ( and I am a part of that we :) ) ..

While we are looking for a company who’s alike, yet we are also in a look out for a company who’s not alike us but who supplements and complements us…


While paying a visit to an extremely popular temple or place of worship ( it became popular because the wishes were granted apparently ) we find that everyone out their, bow their heads and with hands folded ,ask for their wishes to be fulfilled. Hardly anyone out there would have wished for person standing next to us that his/her wish be fulfilled leaving apart ours.
With such a huge number of followers, God would be wondering whose wish to grant, but had there been a rule or numbers given to each of us for our turn for our wish to be fulfilled, we would have always wished and prayed for the people ahead of us that their wish be fulfilled faster so that we get our turn fast…



Devan said...

Jain Dehrasar's - how much money is spent in building them and then in their maintenance?? Think how many orphans can be supported with all that money and man power....All jains preach jainism and try to get moksha for themselves...such a great religion but no one cares about other people..feels like a lot of selfish people following a path that no one know's where it ends?? This was not to offend you or anyone else but i think most of our fellow jains have got no identity, have no individuality and vision...they do what they are being told ...shame

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Cool observations.
I especially like the third one :)

chinmai said...

raaji : thanks :)
devan : i guess , i agree to wat u say partly as for religion is made by humans and its bound to have its follies. seeking wat best we can do to help succumb this is of importance here... wat say