Friday, 3 August 2007

is the justice served ?

I have all my sympathies for Sanju Baba. Why was he brunt with a Rigorous imprisonment of 6 yrs for an act he did almost 14 years back of which he already served his imprisonment for 13 months and later on worked in a positive direction to change his image from the real Munna Bhai to a subtle and down to earth Sanju Baba.

Chief justice and several others alike think that this is a way to serve justice and teach the rowdy a thing or two. But where did this sense of teaching justice go during several other occasions where the terrorist were left free in a trade between leaving the passengers safe of IC 814, Kandhar hijack episode or several other such occasions. Why is there no check to teach the terrorists absconding free or left free on demand of several other bhai’s and why no act is taken when such relieved terrorists run into other such ruthless terrorist acts or rather have several such unaccounted acts on their books ? Where is the chief justice’s justice?
And what more can one, teach a person who has changed his course of action and learned from his past mistakes? Would working with other fellow jails mates make him any better?

Justice needs to be seen holistically, to make one realize his/her mistake and make him/her take a path of self improvement such that they lead several others like them and guide them from their own mistakes…



DhiOnlyOne said...

I am not sure if letting go of the hijackers should be taken as a reason to let any other criminal too go.
The accused did commit a crime and hence has been sentenced as per law. Whether the accused has reformed himself since the act of crime is not really a question here. The same can go with a murderer, who, an hour after the crime, can claim to have reformed himself and no longer harbors criminal intentions. However, this is not reason enough to lessen the sentence. Same reason holds for Mr. Dutt. Because everyone claims that he is a changed man now is no reason to not sentence him.

chinmai said...

but for sanjay , he did serve 13 months in jail for his mistake , should it require more to make one realise their own guilt ( especially those who have learnt and improved ).. i dont say leave guilty without serving justice .. but that justice can be mobilized accordingly also

Devan said...

I think the 'bottom line' is - you are a big fan of Sanjay...ha ha ha

chinmai said...

devan : ofcourse not..m in no way a fan of his, i wouldnt fall prey to hollywood bollywood ppl so easily.. that was my take on the same ..