Monday, 13 August 2007

Chak de Indyeah….

Chak de India!! Now this is the flavour of the season, the song of the season, and the spirit of the season as India steps into the sixtieth year of independence..
Went to see the movie yesterday and I must say I was impressed by the movie and for the first time impressed by Shah Rukh’s acting..

What’s impressive about the movie is that it revolves around our National sport – Hockey and all the more about Women’s hockey.
I am sure this movie is going to act as a booster in the game’s popularity among the youth and all the more make it crave back its long lost stand against cricket.
The movie quotes many finer things subtly.. How our society discourages a girl child’s likings and motivations and yet the girls don’t succumb to the society norms and stick to their passion – to play hockey for the nation ( am sure this movie is going to add to more of girl power and encourage more girls through out the nation to have courage and take a leap to make their dreams come true) , about how girls unite to chuck some rowdy boys , about how if a team needs to win – team work, motivation and right guidance are so important, about how never to give up on hope, about how important it was to play for the nation , being identified as one from this nation and not one belonging to a particular state..
So this movie was neither too heavy nor too serious but an inspiring one and more so there was nothing like a heroine and a hero in the movie singing songs but a one that touches us somewhere down the heart and mind.. ( that is my take :) other critics can have their views )

This is where media and theatre play a very big and effective role in changing the mind sets of people and mass at large or rather make people start thinking of their own view points viz a viz as what the movie or media projects.. If this medium is used in the right fashion it can bring about a revolution and am glad more directors are coming up to provide with such subjects which can help make us into better citizens.. am sure with the present genre of people with the changing mindsets , such movies are going to gain acceptability..

Wishing all a very Happy Independence day in advance ...


Rushabh said...

hi chinmai,

sense and sensibility! if i need to describe your blog in two words!

it is indeed a well written article.

i haven't seen the movie, but will see it soon..

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I am looking forward to watching this movie as well. Lets see when I can get my hands on it. I love the song, Chak De India. Sukhwinder Singh rocks :)


chinmai said...

rushabh: thanks :)

Bhavesh said...

ooolala...well written articles and a lot of them!! good stuff..m in a rush but i shall come back and read some of them .. some really interesring ones there including sanju baba.

BTW what does chak de mean? ;-)

Happy independence day.


drhemani said...

Properly analysed.

Great going.

chinmai said...

thanks dr saheb and bhavesh :)