Saturday, 11 August 2007

The promise of a new day..

Let each new day begin with a humble prayer..that is what we are taught at school and at home.. to make us into a good human being.. and that we all have our own individual prayers to pray to God too ..
School taught me many prayers, slokas- some difficult, some too long, and its ages that I have prayed those prayers.. but there is this little prayer taught in my pre school, that we used to pray when the day ended at the school...Dont know why I remember this only after years of me passing the school ( because of a small and easy prayer or because it was the prayer, prayed when I was relieved from the scores of lectuers at school).. its a simple yet a meaningful one..
" O God , I am a little child, to you I always pray, forgive my sins and keep me yours throughout the night and day."

What could be the promise of a new day...
Let this day bring in me ample faith in me and my life ,
Let it help me to take the right path and the right stand,
Let it bring strength to face any new challenges that lay ahead in the path,
Let it harness my virtues and demise my vices...

(Though its published at the end of the day , it was meant to be published at the start of the day..)