Tuesday, 17 June 2008

pondering over ...passing thought ...

Quite often we tend to pass on a murk smile ( or a mocking smile ) if someone falls or makes mistakes ..
( and all the more if the wavelength of the other person dosent match much with you ( or if one is not too comfortable with the other person))

what makes us laugh .. that other person has made mistake and you are not the only one ... or what ...


Kanan said...

I think the feeling could be "thank God it didn't happen to me but glad it happened to them cause they deserve it" or it could be like "hahaha! I remember the time when that happened to me and now I'm glad it happened to them" - just kind of a "krur aanand" like we say in Gujarati.

Stupidosaur said...

Heck! Sometimes I laugh even when I myself fall or commit a blunder!
(Provided I am not much hurt by the fall)

(And I am not talking about a sheepish hehe..oops kind of compensatory laughing. I remember a few times when I actually laughed. Am I insane or what?

Jaydip Mehta said...

You may be getting "nirdosh anand" from it. Thats what makes me laugh.
Actually I have not searched deeper, why I get "nirdosh anand" from others mistake. But there is no need to do that, I think. If you like something, you just like it. If you do not like something, you just do not like it. If something makes you laugh, it simple makes you laugh. No reasoning. And why to have reasoning behind everything? Probably this is true with all 'science stream students'. Really. You ask these things to any commerce or arts students. Majority of them will take everything in lighter way than science students. Are not science students suffering from "thinking too much" or say "what is reason behind it" disease?

Anyways, written too many things. All of these may look unrelated or may not make sense. Sorry for that.

Sri said...

I guess you had a bad day...relax!!!Every dog has its day.

chinmai said...

@kanan : what i feel is we feel happy that others also falter..
@saur: its nice if we on ligher vein laugh on our own mistakes and not demean ourselves but learn from our mistakes..
@jaydeep: quite deep :)
@sri: hehe i didnt ve a bad day .. i was laughing from my balcony when someones chaata out turned - unknowingly.. or i passed on an unknowing smile when someone slipped down on a kela chilka etc..

CM-Chap said...

Yeah very true... Thats the real colour of so called humans. I guess it is bcoz we always think.. we r the superior ones.

Stupidosaur said...

sheesh why should life be about 'mistakes' 'and learning from them'. We have one stupid life. Live. Die.

Stupidosaur said...

But then, its something more deeper in our brain's hardwiring I think.

Its not really about 'you are not the only one' or 'good! I don't like that person"

In fact the whole tom a jerry cartoon series banks on this tendency.

You think the kids laugh when Tom or Jerry get beaten black and blue, torn to pieces, flattened under falling anvil, etc cos they don't like Tom or Jerry? In fact they like very much I think!

Or you think the kid is thinking "Aah see even Tom and Jerry make such mistake!". I mean when did the kid manage to do a mistake that got him/her squished under an anvil?

Or are humans just basically sick?
Or is it some positive evolutionary trait that helps survival in some mysterious way, so it got passed from one gen to another?

chinmai said...

@saur .. kya badi badi baatein kiyi... :) other side of the little ranting reptile ;)