Tuesday, 3 June 2008

More Goofing's ......

Now this is becoming a space to vent out goofings.. yet another one and this one was really funny..
Scene 1:
C is to take a lecture to the freshly recruited batch, next morning at 10.30 on a designated topic (which got designated to her just around 6pm).
The lecture to the batch is to start at 10.30am at ground floor conference room.
Few minutes before the presentation time, C checks for the setup. C was not aware where the wireless keyboard and mouse were kept apart from the console to control projector and stuff.. so C goes to the reception counter and gently asks the receptionist ( hence forth called R1) of the same ..
(both the receptionist R1 and R2 are engrossed in some talks before I barge into their conversation )

here goes the conversation…

C: hi, I’ve a presentation in this conference room . I ve to present “slides” so I would like to get the set up of projector, wireless keyboard and mouse done .
R1: tell security nah.. (half listening.. not interested in what C is talking as C had disturbed her from some hot topic both R1 and R2 were discussing… )
C: perplexed.. ‘security’ ??
R1: yeah .. tell security he will do it
C still stands there not understanding why for IT set up she has to talk to security ( or was it that security was that smart )..
R1 : arre tell this lady in grey sari she will also do it ..
C is still standing ..and wondering and more confused.. what and how would security people know about how to set up projector and keyboard and stuff..
R1: go that lady standing there, she will help you. ( by this time R1 is tired of instructing C !!)

Scene 2:
C: ( so confused still) approaches wondering what and how she should explain that security wali lady to get the set up of projector etc done ready for her presentations so that she understands my wants and gets done with my requirement …

Though C in her mind knows the result and doesn’t want to converse at all with that lady but R1 from remote is watching ;) so C makes effort and goes to security)

C: I want to present a lecture , Pls get the projector and keyboard in place..
Security lady : what ?? huh.. i dont get u!!
C is like where in the world have I landed ( C feels like banging her head)

C is looking around for some instant relief and luckily C spots HR guy .. C immediately leaves that lady behind ( that lady is also perplexed what language I talked her into!!) and C follows the HR guy who’s walking towards R1.
( so this conversation again takes place near the R1)

C: hey V, I have a presentation here in ground floor conf. could u pls get the required set of WIRELESS KEYBOARD, MOUSE and PROJECTOR done for me ( C is now tired of explaining her wants)..
V: hmm .. ok ..
Meantime R1 is also hearing C and V’s conversation and barges our conversation to share her knowledge….
R1: o ok u want to present a lecture I will call chacha..I thought u wanted to get “switches” on..
(Chacha was the IT guy handling/managing all those equipments..)

So while I was talking of presenting slides ( inturn meaning a presentation) R1 in her own mind understood my saying as switches instead of “ slides and hence was continuously pointing to the security .. because security ofcourse knew where the “switches” were to lit the conference room.


There was no end to laughing at the whole encounter and events that took place..


Jaydip Mehta said...

Ha ha ha ha ... cant stop laughing, really .. Projector and security ... ha ha ha ha ..
HR must have looked like an angel at that time....

Hitesh said...

You will surely be taking more lectures..Waiting to hear more of your goof ups ..dont mind plzz :)

chinmai said...

@jaydip: yep for sure, felt HR was like an angel then :)
@hitesh: hehe .. no issues.. lemme build my competencies till then in the properitary vendor products ;)

Dishant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dishant said...

Hey this is really funny..you should take more lectures :)..and thanks to V(HR)..entered at real climax scene..

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