Monday, 23 July 2007

Wow the 7 wonders..

Recently the new 7 wonders of the world were voted for ..and the outcome of aggressive campaigning for Taj Mahal to be included was finally successful… huh!!…thank god, we did show our patriotism by voting to keep it in the bandwagon of top 7.
(Our people have found out easy means to show their patriotism also.. )

But at the end of the day, who were successful, bearing in mind that UNESCO was not involved in this poll at all, were the ones in the media doing all the publicity, the telecom operators, and the companies providing online voting facilities, everyone of them got their share from money spent on the millions of online votes and SMS’es. This new 7 wonder was a stint by …Mr Bernard Weber ( Swiss Businessman) & Mr Fedrico Mayor (a former UNESCO director –general )

And now again to earn that extra dime our very own TOI , has come up with its own polling for wonders in India and since last 4 days, they have come up with 20 wonderful sites like Ajanta Ellora caves, Khajurao temple, Brihdeshwara temple etc
Some more roll of money from consumers pocket to the pockets of media, telecom company etc etc.. Now they may come up with an argument that they are trying to educate the importance of the same to the public through media by such means. But then educating can be done by printing them like any other news items, is polling required in that case? And how could we compare the charm of one with another and bring out no. 1 and no. 2 and no. 3 etc ? Isn’t it mean?

To pay tribute to such stupendous places why not pay a visit ourselves and learn about them, their history, and how to preserve their charm and cherish them live rather than by mere means of voting. Let the tourism industry earn a little and in turn spread the wonders of these amazing wonders through word of mouth followed then by using media and mobile phones for the same …

If we see it - we will value it and if we will value it - we will preserve it by all means …

( Being a travel freak this is the first thing that comes into my mind, of exploring and cherishing the places by self , people can have different views and directives to support their views )


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