Thursday, 19 July 2007

I & I = more I ..... random musings on I

Was just pondering over why does it hurt us more when someone says bad of our mom , dad, bro, sis, our close relative, our favourite teacher etc etc… is it because ‘I’ is attached to all finally…
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Why do we always want to prove that we are the best of all and inturn compete to prove to be the best using fair/unfair means..

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Why does that “I” always want to show itself superior than the rest and cover its charisma across the whole world..
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Would it not be a peaceful place to live – this earth, if all just live for themselves without the power of showing the superiority of “I”

And no I would not leave that “I” till that “I” leaves me…
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Many a times when we stop listening to the inner “I”, do you think we would give a dime if we are to listen to other “I’s” …
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Supposing, the inner voice was fitted to a loudspeaker somewhere in this world .. should we ever feel ignominious for our selves if we happen to hear that voice ring back while we were in a coterie of people …
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And supposing all the creatures in this world start evolving to the caliber of the humans , how would the world be, thinking of the mess created by humans alone..
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(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I think that is a very general and cynical approach. True, that "I" causes trouble at times. But, if there were no "I" there would be no identity--no individuality.

..and if there weren't any "I", there wouldn't be any "You"
(if you know what I mean) :)

chinmai said...

what i meant is .. "I" in itself is an identity .. but y do we always want to prove that we are superior than the rest( i.e each individual "I's " ) .. when that is the order of the mind then there the problem begins ..