Sunday, 1 July 2007

on a serious note....

It’s a topic which people hate to talk of, a lot of drama involved around it, lot of pain with the very word … well its about abortion..

Wouldn’t have anything to quote myself till I saw a film on the same - courtesy my sister who happened to take this topic and enact a 5 minute mono-act on it in her professional people’s social gathering and an uncle of mine who helped with the CD...

Hadn’t imagined ever that abortion is such a horrible act of killing a child so ruthlessly..
Wouldn’t go into the nitty gritty of the killing I saw on the CD , but in short it was actually plucking the parts of the child out of the mothers womb one by one.. horrendous – terrible ….

Whatever the reason for abortion of the child either be it a girl child or family control – killing will remain a killing.. and enactors should be held equal to a killer in the court of justice.. and if not to the court of justice, they will remain culprits in their own eyes forever..

But on the other note – (mind it not to support this act but the flip side ) – suppose for whatever reason the child is saved from being aborted , would it live happily if the family was not in a position to support the living of this child for what so ever reason…and what would be the guarantee that the child’s life is not a living hell ??


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