Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Under that banyan tree I sat..

Under that banyan tree I sat,
Wearing my thinking hat…
hearing the soft chattering of the leaves and see it dance with the breeze,
how I wish the time to seize..
Calm within with the tunes of nature and time..
Peace pervades within me sublime..

And so I thought.. 
Nature is beautiful,
Nature is Supreme.
So should we not care for the nature which gives us so much,
How could we play like insane fools and take the path to devastate it so much.

Apathy.. Apathy...
In the name of industrialization and commercialization we devastated every thing that came our way,
wish nature had a tongue to share its state and wish we were sane enough to hear its say..

Its time we take care of our greedy selves
Cos in the end if we don’t protect nature, the god of nature will not protect our petty selves..

Under that banyan tree I sat,
Wearing my thinking hat…


(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

absolutely :-). Well said :-)

Anonymous said...

I think.. we should call everybody under that "Banyan Tree" only.. You are getting such a good ideas under that tree only... they will also get the same feeling under Banyan Tree... where exactly is this Banyan Tree? :):):).. just joking apart... i would suggest Be innovative... because we can't just live without using natural resources... but innovate in such a way that it will not harm to nature as well as to our future generation..!!!

Kanan said...

Thought provoking... if only time froze.

Chinmai, you write well.