Sunday, 8 March 2009

Some more pictures - Women's Day - Nature Trail To Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Happy Women's Day !! to all female readers :)
On the occasion of International Women's Day - a club within my organisation decided to celebrate womanhood with Nature, and thus the nature trail to SGNP alongwith the coordinators from Sanctuary asia..
Presenting few of the pictures to Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Borivali, Mumbai.
white lynx spider
russels wiper

shedded skin of a snake
mexican poppey with its seeds

dead tree eaten by carpeter bee
red silk cotton bug
bracket fungus
Mexican poppey


Hitesh said...

The lynx spider is out of this world. Seen it for the first time....beautiful

CM-Chap said...

hmm I feel scary... Im nt such a big fan :)

dishantparikh said...

Hey..nice photographs...

Stupidosaur said...

Wow, you actually know the actual names of so many strange life forms? How?

chinmai said...

@hitesh,chap,dishant - thanks :)
@saur - we were accompanied by 2 naturalists from sanctuary asia

Anonymous said...

Since last so many days I was thinking that what to write but when I see monkey with her kid on your blog and when I see lioness caring her cubs on National Geographic , I really feel that feelings are supreme than logic. You all women really know this better and implement in your life. Belated happy women's day to you and all females on this earth and we all men respect you a lot. I will write something more in this post but I am little bit busy now a days.

chinmai said...

@anon: thanks buddy.. :)

Princess said...

hey..Cool pics.. :)
U r a nice photographer!!!