Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy 60th Republic Day...

Posting a pic. in the spirit of Republic day...

( Exclaimer : taken from camera phone .. the clarity is impaired :) ;) )


Only Vimal said...

Good One. :)

CM-Chap said...

Real good one... Saw it in ur Orkut too :)

Bhavesh Chandebhamar said...

Is India Truly republic?

Answer to above is negative.

There so many things on which you can argue that we are just making jokes on the name of democracy.

Foolish people believe in such things

Truly British Government has so made so many social changes that any government in India is unable to make. However financially they have exploited us. But that is different criteria. Level of corruption in India is highest. Now a day Indian does not take care for other Indian. We are becoming extremely selfish. Actually there so many laws in current Indian constitution which is formed by British Government

Independence does not mean that you behave as you wish without taking care of others.

India will become truly republic when every body get food to eat, house to leave and everybody’s right as human is protected. I am quite despaired about this.