Sunday, 26 October 2008

Lets pledge this Diwali to try and reduce all sorts of pollution ( external and internal ) that we keep doing in the name of God..

Lets not burst crackers which make horrendous sounds,
Lets not pollute the already polluted air,
Lets say together to the earth that we care...

Let this festival bring colour in our life and joy like rangoli ,
Lets bring brightness in life like the bright diyas..

The sound of crackers would get lost in the whims of air
and so would the smiles bursting them ..
instead lets spent on spreading joy by trying to bring the smile on others face ..
as the good wishes of those in need would outlast all race..

Lets pledge not to pollute externally and internally the Nature we have got..
Together lets say to the earth that we care...

Wishing all a very Happy Diwali..


Hitesh said...

Very correct..we should pledge this.
But this pledge still seems incomplete. I see only a 'not to do' list..shouldn't we be pledging what to do apart from what not to do, because the not to do list is not so big as the to do list can actually be.
Where are those days, when people used to visit each other and share all the 'Faral' delectable sweets.
When there was a Rangoli in every doorstep.
When there was a lantern in every house and in every common place and society
When in villages we used to see kids building miniature forts.

dishantparikh said...

Agree that Bursting crackers in Diwali creates lots of noise and air pollution.But We should not say no to it rather arrange as centralized fireworks activity done by some governing body. They will take care of all pre-cautions and children can go and watch that fireworks. Also, If the fireworks at good height should not create air pollution in lower layer of atomsphere. Fireworks can be a replacement for individually bursting crackers and that help children not to lose their attraction for diwali. So, There are many ways to reduces pollution,
Wish you a very happy diwali :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Happy Diwali :-)

Kanan said...

Very noble thinking.

Happy Diwali, Chinmai! saal mubarak. :)

chinmai said...

@hitesh : :) i also read ur blog on diwali and its message ..
@dishant, Raaji, Kanan : Happy Diwali and a New year to you as well :)