Thursday, 16 October 2008

in search.....

In the midst of array of thoughts yet to be penned , many pending blogs to complete and hectic life...presenting a picture... an angel face if you can spot the same.....enjoy!!!


Hitesh said...

Hey i spot two faces there.
One is at the centre of the picture.

The other one is at the upper end at the center of the picture...seems like a person is peeping from behind a pillar

Stupidosaur said...

Human mind is so wired to spot 'faces' everywhere. In smoke, in any blotch, i clouds, in tree barks, I do it all the time.

I see
1) the one you perhaps suggested. An uninterested droopy/sleepy eyed boy with clearly depicted face (eyes, nose, lips)in yellow background
2) the one hitesh mentioned, with a head wearing a bandana, but no facial features, at center top (in the column to the right of the boy in yellow). When I refer to columns, I mean only the brown ones, not the white ones separating them, because the white ones dont seem to have any faces. This bandana guy features with his kurta and pyjama if you focus. We can even see his palm.

Then there 'are' more :
3) In the same column as the bandana guy, we see a sad face. very sad looking face. Its just below where the bandana guy's pyjama ends. So can even look like the bandana guy is standing on this guy.

4) In the brown column to the left of 'boy in yellow background', near the bottom og the column (where it is very dark compared to the upper column) we can 'see' the face of a girl with the looks of 'deer caught in the headlights'
5) Near the top of that column, we can see a 'mask' rollinn eyes. (The kind of masks they use to symbolise

Stupidosaur said...

drama (natak) and the kind of masks (one smiling one crying) you see in the program 'gammat gulal' , (I beleive you must be familiar with the program)

chinmai said...

@hitesh : m trying to spot the one u saying at the center of the pic.. the one peeping from the pillar is the actual angel faee :)
@saur, hitesh : quite creative :)
@saur : u spotted too many, gr8 :)

Hitesh said...

Well expand the picture scroll to the top of the pic..then get your horizontal scroll exactly in center... u will see a face with two red eyes like dots with a head band and a yellow mark on the forehead..try to visualize a face is seen