Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Likes, Dislikes and What I could change..

On crossing the road , I just realised my frowining face...all because of the ramming traffic of humans and vehicles just about to hit you.. it made me think of the likes and dislikes this city has to offer me - the metro that we call MUMBAI
Likes :
- Metro city- more opportunities
- More happening ( lots of events keep happening)
- Well connected to major cities in India and abroad
- More gujarati crowd anywhere you go ( not that i discriminate other communities - but when you are away from your known place and culture you tend to miss it and somehow if you find ppl speaking similar dialect it makes you feel happy)
- open minded people - helpful also
- comparitvely "safe" for women

Dislikes :
- Very Dirty
- Heavely populated - no breathing space
- Heavy traffic
- very expensive

What I could help change:
- Help creating awareness of reducing waste and proper disposal of waste ( just happen to do that while i am using the public transport )

Likes and offerings the city has to offer outweighs in number/count over dislikes, but if we sit to calculate the percentage of inconvenience the dislikes cause it will outweigh the likes ...
What does your city say? and can we actually do something of trying to lessen the dislikes


Hitesh said...

This is the very reason why the word "BALANCE" has its existence.

With every +ve there has to be a -ve to maintain the existence of the +ve

This city is just great...if that awareness you talk about starts to exist in each and every individual than this place will be ideal..... and u knw wht do ideal things exist?

A thing is ideal if we accept it for the way it is.

mannnnn..Mumbai rocks

Stupidosaur said...

I dont think any 'Chalo Saathiyon! Phod Dalein!' type comment by me is going to solve any problems, so I was not commenting.


'ideal' is a thing that can exist only in the idea.

IDEAl is the adjective derived from idea.

Hitesh said...

@saur: yup ideal will be only in an idea, an ones idea will always have things according to his liking whatsay

chinmai said...

@hitesh: thanks for ur views..the thing that i wanted to point is that though this metro has to offer a lot it lacks somewhere in hygiene and cleanliness despite of ample efforts by government and ppl and NGO due to unmanageable flock of ppl..

@saur: thanks.. nice one "'ideal' is a thing that can exist only in the idea." :)

Dishant said...

As you said metro city gave you an ample amount of oppurnities, similarly there are few dislikes also come in existence.
I think that will come into the exitence because people are not much aware about the things like environment, energy saving and cleanness. I mean they are aware but not implementing it. It depends on the individual.
If everyone thinks that they will keep their city like their home.....the problem can be solved .
About Havely population in metro city, we can do just one thing that our goverment should make sure that ample amount oppurnities available even in ordinary city. Even that helps in decreasing expenses in metro city...

chinmai said...

@dishant : quite true ..

Sarthak said...

madam..amchi mumbai hai....dont u ever think of changing..;)