Monday, 11 December 2006

The Onlooker – Part II

So continuing from where I left..

Little further, chose to drink tea at a tea stall
My scanner was on while I sip the tea ,offered in a plastic glass…
And down I saw a mosaic of thrown used plastic glasses..
Few lying, while few flying in circles in the whirl wind..
Seems there is lack of dustbins around..

Me being just an onlooker …

And while just observing, there was another ‘civilized’ fellow, traveling in a car,
Chewed the gutkha and threw the litter on the road..
May be it was the typical ‘Indian thinking’ to keep our house, our car, our hands clean, but for roads or another public property, whose property is it ..who cares…
and then we comment our country is filthy..
Where is our civic sense…!
The same fellow might religiously follow all the rules and regulations of not littering public places in another countries.. but here who cares….!!!

And more then the lack of dustbins it was the lack of civic sense I suppose… !!

Me being just an onlooker…

Yet another fellow.. in his plush car .. was in such a hurry , that he almost pushed a fellow riding on cycle at the edge of the road control on honking .. no patience to wait for people to give way …!!
Is it with money we loose our civic and moral senses…. !!

Me being just an onlooker…

So what runs in the background is could we deliver ourselves as the moral civilians…!!
Are there ways to work on it…
Thoughts , many would have , but could we work up to deliver by being change agents.. and continue doing so… wherever , whenever .. in whatever way we can…..!!!
What is required, is being something more then an Onlooker…!

And By the way, this wasn’t a long walk..
Just a long description of observations in a short walk ….
Me being just an onlooker…working to be something more than it ….!!!


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