Monday, 11 December 2006

The Onlooker - Part I

Could we be the change agents…
Is running at the back of my mind..
In the foreplay….
This is what, runs..

While walking on the streets of a city..
Behind the plush towering offices,
There is a colony of mud huts,
I see a small black and white TV running through the open door,
and in the foyer a small stove running on the wooden sticks…
While in the front, were the plush offices, furnished with brewing machines to serve the tea needs..
and just behind, a household running on wooden sticks to serve the basic needs..!!

Was just wondering, would the people living in the mud huts ever have dreams to reach those plush offices… !!!!

Me being just an onlooker…..

Little ahead were 3 women collecting branches of a tree, probably used as fuel at their home, One of them was a little girl,
And barely few steps away from them, was another girl almost the same age as the former, playing with her cell phone..!!

But did either of them get affected by each others lifestyles!!

Me being just an onlooker…

Further down the road was a foot path stall,
the owner, I suppose was a father of little kids,
sitting on the footpath,
he probably, from what I could perceive, was teaching his kids to read from the newspaper…!!.

Me being just an onlooker…

Could we be the change agents, is what runs in the background………
May be here, more than our role it is the individuals role which may be more important, where they can be their own change agents……but encouragement and backend support could be ours..

(Contd. in Part –II)

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