Tuesday, 15 March 2016

on good deeds and karmic connections ...

the world is on its own charted / uncharted path ...  which at times we feel is in chaos and is in utter need for corrective action... in our limited time frames we try and judge bad and good depending on the limited vision we have and on the circumstances we are placed in .. when we start worrying about the bigger change to bring the world back in order based on 'my' own perception .. we may feel discouraged to even take one step to do good contribution.. it may discourage me to even take one small step thinking that in the larger scheme of things that step would be immaterial,.. but this should not stop to do 'good', a 'good' which makes my conscience lighter and makes me feel good..
every action I feel has to weighed with karma being added or deleted from your life..


what connections we make with other souls of the universe we don't know ... there are karmic connections.. and may not sound logical but you connect to them beyond words... what name should a world call this relation which made one connect instantly as opposed to worldly relations which took its time to establish ? Pondering over the same .. 

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