Thursday, 8 October 2015

Of selfless giving, living, dying ..!

So many times we have come across people who have gone out of their way to make others life happy... not that they really wanted something in return.. they did because they had something to give.. I think its a universal law.. Probably, it is only when we start giving selflessly first, does the universe starts repaying our selfless giving with selfless getting too!

Then what prevents us to start giving selflessly! what awaits our thoughts that hold onto our security of safe and comfortable living beyond our needs? Is it in our mind that we create so many walls and then try.. go and find windows of receiving all that only can be purchased for our happiness? In a way we are the victims of our own mind.

We fear people cheating us, taking advantage of our kindness, we being left behind in this highly competitive world, of being proven wrong, of failing , of people making mockery of us .... so much so that we are not wanting to let go, because we can't see a clear picture, we always keep weighing of the amount we do to the amount that is expected in return... Goodness comes at a personal cost. A cost of mental stress.. While external happiness can be bought , internal happiness can only come from growing within, by letting go, by giving selflessly.. probably wanting to let go of our own mistakes first and also of mistakes of others, by giving our time and means to people, nature, other beings.. Being in the present, being aware of each passing moment, that it is there only now and if we keep doors of my mind locked of past and future stresses, how can I live now?

If one of our goal is to lead a happy life, I think we should start by setting a bigger goal of having a peaceful death...and then start leading life by backward planning.
What will lead me to have a peaceful death?  

 May be leading a life may not be as serious as this sounds, but the goal should be serious. One may have fun on day to day living ( not at the expense of others though) , but the backup of thoughts should always be serious. Can I be helpful to some one in need in some way without expecting any thing in return? Can I be truthful to my own self first?

Contemplating on the same... What will give me courage to let go .. so as to allow the universe to catch hold of me if I fall...

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