Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Random th8s..

It helps , by accepting the way  I am  and the way the world is .. it relieves us from the tension of behaving not what we are..


Anonymous said...

is that escape from the situations..??? :)

chinmai said...

i dont think so..depends on the view of how much it matters for what view others have of your own self and how much to take it to improve..growing and improving is important but if others view lead to demeaning of one's self it should be curtailed.. ( my view - my take )

Anonymous said...

Ohh looks like situation is too tense..!! :)

See,actually interpretation we hold is different from person to person. It is not like a single software which is upgraded on time for all the people in the world.

It takes immense amount input and your view build up for others or you build your own view. Believe me i have spent too much time on this understanding, because i always wonder why people behave differently when they are passing through the same situations.

Again in your sentence, "others view lead to demeaning of one's self" - nothing wrong in that. They can't be you and think like you or see the situation like you. So it happens that they think whatever they are suggesting is correct in their point of view but in your own world its not fitting in criteria.Because we see and perceive the situation differenlty.

Adaptive nature to the situation which helps to avoid friction in some way. :)

There is no way you can behave differntly from the world, you have to behave differently to the situation or handle it differently.

You are unique just like everyone else.. - some where i read this.

chinmai said...

Precisely, as mentioned by you..to avoid friction in some way, adapting is one and accepting the way world is,is another way.. thanks for sharing your view.