Saturday, 23 June 2012

Random th8s

Change happens not when reality bites but only when conscience bites!!


Anonymous said...

wow..!! but just to share, i am thinking understanding of reality build our conscience and they are not different. Its person's sensitivity and crudeness of reality matters a lot and that's how things(in your case its a change) will happen.

Between,like your biting(instead of touching)idea. Thought of opening myself/my mind for such bites.

chinmai said...

@anon - just to examplify - i know there is rubbish on the roads and all around, i feel bad, ashamed , i ve 2 choices - either to ignore the reality and move on thinking its others responsibility or i realise that I that unless I change there will be no change in outcome and same holds for each other individual..

Anonymous said...

hey.. a little concept which i knew through my life lessons that GOD has given equal things to everyone and left us in this world to put efforts so that we can enhance our life through consciousness. Its more like you have few things given, using that either you can make your life or break your life.

So, this constant things which almighty has given to us,few use it in the right direction to bring the change in their own life and others life, where as few use it totally different (sometime in opposite) direction.

Consciousness will not trigger until that person really wants it. Every person has challenge his/her own self to seek refine and pure consciousness(they need to keep on doing this throughout their lifetime). Conscious people can not increase the consciousness of others.(they just have to keep quiet and walk on their own path)

For people like you, home is consider to be a whole world, where as for few home is just a small part of the world.

Difference in the thinking, and surrounding parameters.

Though i have told many things here, few times i also passed through such dilemma in life's situations and put a query to many conscious people which i know....

Anonymous said...

there is a typo here.. replace conscious with conscience.