Tuesday, 6 April 2010

city talks..

While doing leisurely talk to one of my friend, we came up with the topic of our ever growing city size and the changing mindset..
Government has taken all the steps to popularise the city as The destination with the business friendly approach of the state which has thus attracted a lot of business..

With the growing business set up in and around the city , there's a huge influx of people from all over the country.. Enormous developments going around the city to make it a metro.. All this is good to an extent.. but the over exploding population and the infrastructure , with increase in vehicular population and pollution.. decreasing natural resources.. etc.. is in a way creating a lot of mess ..

It helps in changing mindsets when the city has multi lingual population to stay in harmony with different sects of community but when you see that its changing very certain roots that bind you as a community its not for good..

Gujarat has now got an ever increasing non-veg eating population with non- veg so easily available to suit the new customer base, an ever increasing youth who is liquor addict ( not that the state was totally dry ).. which was not very much like the state of Gujarat.. ( Gujarati community are majorly Veg eating populace )

With all this that my friend and I discussed, in my mind I had questions raised, Mega cities in a way become unmanageable.. then what should be the size of a city which has opened its doors as a metro and development..or when should the size of the city be restricted to have a balanced environment..??

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Anonymous said...

When do we generally move from one place to another place? The main need is the better life. Why people from the eastern state are moving into western state because they are feeling life is much better there. Why Gujarati's are moving to US and Canada because they think life is much better there. It is people's mindset and need for better life which drives them to move from one place to other. Currently many are moving from villages to the city, the day definitely come when people will start moving from city life to villages.

How can you restrict the city size? very simple, provide them best resources in the small city or villages, they will not move or come to the metro city.
Its based on migration. You might have seen that even happens in animals, birds as well.
One more point, if you want to manage the city in a proper manner. Our todays development should be such that we can meet the requirements which are going to arise even after 70-80 years as well. The development should be expandable any time. It should not be a need base solution.