Monday, 26 May 2008

namequest..UQ !!

On the quest to find a colleague on the sametime( messenger of lotus notes),I question the masterfind( repository of all the employees with their designations and email id..) . I put the name of A on masterfind.. and out comes the result page by page. Since there were ample of them with the same name, name with A1, A2.. etc. I knew the surname of A and with that name and surname there was only one name..So I go further, on basis of instinct.. add the one assuming that this was the one I had to contact to..
C: hi
A: hi there
C: hey what happened to the common photos of the outing.. if u ve uploaded them can u send the link across....
A: m sorry, but m sure this is some other A. U are taking to some other A. and I ve no clue and am least aware of the photos u are talking about.. and ends it there with a smiley
C: sshh... opps.. m so sorry ... and so do i end the conversation with a smiley there ..
Goofing, was funny for sure...must ve brought a smile to that chaps face too...

Further to that, I thought lemme check by putting my name on masterfind and check out my uniqueness..
I was amused to see 42 people with name C.. with a slight variation of alphabet here and there.. All the while I was thinking I am unique and so is my name ;) Though with this spelling of my name and the surname combined there would be no doubt abt its uniqueness..

Go ahead check ur uniqueness quotient (UQ) .. ;) Enjoy..



Jaydip Mehta said...

Nice sharing ..

chinmai said...

thanks :)all this are stupid/silly moments... light hearted moments.. to laugh away with .. which i keep encountering ;) will come up wid one more soon :)