Wednesday, 9 April 2008

funny tales...

C gets up in the morning.. relaxed …stretches, yawns … has tea…reads news paper…. Everything is going cool…. Gets ready for the day … everything is going well on time (not to forget she’s taken web based training just yesterday – ‘Time as Resource’ to close the competency gaps and trying to meet what she’s just learned).

While thinking what should be worn as foot wear, she decides for shoes, she fumbles for socks… and after a great struggle out comes 2 of them…she wears one … while wearing the other one.. she realizes both are different.. C has a smile around her lips (inside the voice is cracking with laughter) .. :D

C thinks, should I make another effort to find the right pair…or make do with this found one’s ( which were found after great struggle ) ;)

And finally she decides, as far as both are white and only a little different in pattern it will do … and so C’s around with different pair of socks to the office….hoping no one is going to spot it :D
And luckily C escapes of people’s notice :D or if someone noticed, no one commented .!!
Yday, while going through the mails lying in the inbox, C finds there’s mail regarding a camp to Vasai fort on Sunday, goes through the mail hurriedly. C feels happy and thinks she will convince a few more colleagues and register for the same. Day passes. C gets busy with work.
In the late afternoon, after being reminded by another colleague (whom C had convinced to join) of the mail and the first cum first serve nominations for the camp, C realizes that the registration needs to be done urgently. All the convinced colleagues start to enroll for the camp.
The Nominations were to be sent mentioning the subject in the following format:
Vasai : Employee No : Work Location
While filling the required details in the mail, C gets confused with the subject format..but doesn't take pains to go through the mail again.
She gets confused over why was Vasai appearing in the subject line. As Vasai was a work location as well, so in that case there would be mention to the work location twice. ( C in her thoughts thinking that Vasai is also a work location)
C pings her colleague and asks her query.
C: hey D, why is this work location mention appearing twice.
D: C, Duffer , Vasai is the place where the camp is …
C: laughs (internally of course) uncontrollably
D: laughs…
(By the time C’s filling the details she’s totally forgotten which place the camp was. She just remembers that there’s a camp on Sunday, and that if nominations get accepted, it would be fun with the friends.)
C is new to the office.
C receives a mail, of joining the music club, where guitar and keyboard were taught. In the mail there was a mention of contact person N.
C happily mails N, mentioning of her interest to learn the keyboard.
Time goes. N doesn’t reply.
C forgets about it.

After about two months. N’s sametime ( a lotus notes messenger) window pops up on C’s PC.
C wonders of person taking pains to find C on the same time messenger and ask her , whether he had replied to her mail or not.
N: hi
C: hi
N: did I reply to ur mail mentioning the details for the music club
C: nope.. but its been ages I had mailed.. no one replied to that..
N: rite .. these are the details .. blah blah blah ….
C: thanks
N: have u learned music before
C: had learned a little of harmonium,
N: rite , that wud be gud
C: rite
N: I learn guitar.
C: alrite
N: but offlate I ll join to learn keyboard.
C: ?? why keyboard ??
N: fracture !!!...I hope u know whom u r chatting to
C: nope I didn’t.. and that was the next question I was to ask , that where in office do u sit ..
C: Oooooo .. u r the one having fracture..
N: yeah
C: ooppsss ... sorry ...i didnt realise that .. :) :D

( N was office colleague in my department, sitting few seats away from my sitting – whom I didn’t know by his name till then ) : )


Kanan said...

Hahaha! what a small world :P
Btw, how was Vasai?

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.. Its unusally a big post frm u isnt it...

Socks Case - C is over confident
Camp case - C stressed out
Music - C too much involved in herself

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hehe... interesting :-)

chinmai said...

@kanan: vasai fort was great..after ages went for a trek, it was damn hot but i enjoyed it thouroughly..
and wat of what a small world ?? couldnt get that part ..

@ chap : big post from me for sure.. :)i m learning to break my standards in boring ppl all the more ;)
"Music - C too much involved in herself"
rather i found out ppl in my new org were too pre occupied in their ownselves. so until one went and introduced themselves or there was some work that one was concerned to get done from that person no one was bothered ... :)

@ raaji : thanks :)

Kanan said...

Chinmai, lucky you... I wish we had that kind of hot weather here. The small world was for the last two lines of the post - talking to colleague virtually first to discover that you only sit some feet away from eachother. :)

Hiral Dave said...

Chinmay... chinu.... C
socks...gud one :)

chinmai said...

hiral: hehe, thanks :)

Guhn said...
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Jaydip Mehta said...

Nice sharing !