Monday, 17 March 2008

An inconvenient truth ..

Someone has rightly said that development is inherent part and environment the inseparable part of mankind, so will the concern of environment be always a stumbling block in the road to development?? Sustainable Development is the key word..

World commission on Environment and Development 1987 defined Sustainable Development as “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

In continuation to the previous blog – I will come up with series of writings co-related..

Hike in oil price has been an issue of concern. Govt. tries its level best to dither the price hike to be passed on as burden to the common man. Who bears the brunt is the government and the PSU oil companies. Govt. to make its voters happy, issues oil bonds to the loss bearing oil companies..

We always fight the government, that its not considering the plight of common man, but I wonder how many people think before using a vehicle for a distance they could actually walk down.
How many times have we ever thought before shutting our engine while waiting at a traffic signal,
How many times have we ever thought to minimize or reduce our consumption.
All this requires a conscious efforts, which no government can teach or preach .. reducing a price is temporary .. but reducing our consumption can be our choice ..
Everyone wants pleasure and comfort , but it should not be at cost of humanity and future generations..
Why not think in terms, is it absolutely necessary to take that vehicle ride or flight or train or can I make do with walking, cycling etc and reduce our carbon footprint..

Pleasure is one thing and sustainable living is another..
Change begins with us …. Lets be the change, the nation and world wants us to be ….
On other note : what makes me wonder here is why in that case the PSU stocks are always on demand even when investor knows that PSU companies are shelling losses on the common man’s behalf….
13-3 2008


Anonymous said...

so did you??
before you spent carbon-fueled energy/electricity into typing this speech - how much was your contribution?
every person makes a difference and it all starts with one.
everyone knows the right thing to do - have you done it today?

DhiOnlyOne said...

Yes, sustainable living is going to be a key area of focus as oil prices continue to go skywards.
It is going to be interesting to see how the world adapts itself (if it does) due to acute shortage of essential energy in the near future.

chinmai said...

anonymous: thanks for dropping by and presenting your critical comments..thanks for educating on this public platform where others will come and read and self question on the comments u posed apart from wats mentioned in my blog..
since i pose those questions daily to myself and try to implement whatever i can by walking cycling educating etc whenever whatever is applicable and hence this post to share and spread..
it would have been nice to know u by ur name and wud be nice to have ur critical comments flowing as and when necessary