Thursday, 18 January 2007

The Balancing act.. II – Food for Thought

The urban reality..
Big towns getting bigger and villages going bare..
would there be an opportunity worked up to grow the villages , it seems rare…

What should be the balancing act..!!

The SEZ mania is right under way ..
Surely everything’s a profitable business..
Then where is the need to worry .. !!! what say.. !!

If many a Singur are vacated..
Where would be the land to cultivate the pastures..
With land and the harvest prices going high.. no wonder in the times to come .. humans will be back to square one.. War for food..
Thinking of it.., it seems so ill fated ..
Sensible approach by the government.. seems good..

Aping brings ease and faster execution but tailoring it to our needs and utility ..
such should be our ability..

What should be the balancing act.. !!

And what unfathomable reason draws many a farmer to suicide..
And without the farmers , who will harvest the land..
The green revolutionized land ..
having self sufficiency to cater the entire population may one day bow into the imports ..
And aren’t there any rules and relaxations which they could , without hesitation abide..

What should be the balancing act.. !!

A film city given way to come up near Nal sarovar..An abode for migratory birds..
A tourist center.. attracting tourists to watch migratory birds,
will now more than attracting the poor migratory birds attract the filmy nerds..
Why is there no Environmental impact assessment done .. prior to passing such projects..
Or is it that profitability gives way to such issues and projects..

What should be the balancing act..!!

With Consumerism setting its long strides..
Looking to the lucrative markets here..
Its becoming a dump yard of products mere..
Everything’s available at one go..
But its always good to take care of our needs.. without bowing to extravaganza and the ease of availability..

What should be our balancing act..!!

All this seems like broad or vague or extremist thinking … but on the other go .. an extended thinking and a food for thought..
’cos aren’t these points of concern..
A thinking mind keeps thinking .. what should be the balancing act..!!



Priyadarshan said...

To some extent you are right.

But the fact is we live in a land where there are more mouths than the hands to feed.

The only balancing act that I can think of is Population Control cause we can't make resources, but we can control who uses them.

chinmai said...

hey thanks priyadarshan.. thats for sure..

neel said...

singur is not the only fertile land available in india....

a country cant prosper if u find reasons for every industry to stop from growing..

encourage development... after all... India is poised...


chinmai said...

yes neel thats right, but all i wanted to point out was that y isnt a land that is non-harvestable being sought for.. its a phase of development but every bit of it needs to be worked out aptly and keeping long term progress, consequences etc etc in the mind.. :) anyway thanks

Lala said...

People should read this.